Among the muscle men, drummers welcoming the sunset and the medical marijuana clinics on Venice Beach, a girl can find some deals. These maxi dresses  that Angelina Jolie wears when she’s tooling around Paris with Shiloh, are a steal at under $20.

Hasn’t anyone thought of a better name for these dresses yet? Hmmm…how about scarf dresses?  I’m going to call them scarf dresses from now on.

You can find these fab scarf dresses next to the Harley Davidson store by the blue shark.

The moral of the story is this: Bargains lurk in strange places. You can stumble into them  anywhere, anytime, always be prepared. Oh and don’t use your credit card when you pay for your new outfit on Venice Beach, most of the card swipe machines looked pretty questionable. Be prepared and carry some cash!

Thrift store find

 Yesterday I went to Unique Thrift Store on 37th St. in Columbia Heights, Minnesota – the best thrift store I’ve ever seen. I snapped up a big fluffy white North Face jacket, perfect for sub zero Minnesota days, for $9.95.

Sometimes when I’m shopping I get kind of high from the really good bargains, like 90% off is a total rush.

Clearly, this jacket cost the orignal, not so savvy owner, over $200 last year at REI or Nordstrom or wherever she nabbed it. This year it’s mine. Oh and I found a couple Euro coins in the pocket. How wierd is that?